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Used Filtec Can Level Detectors

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Creative Trading Inc. Used Bottling Equipment.
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Installing your new line, or expand your existing one with our quality used canning equipment.

Creative Trading Inc. finds the best used canning equipment available! 
We find canning machinery in the best condition, acquired through trades or auctions, carefully removing it either from operating production lines, or recently running lines most of the time. All of our used canning equipment is carefully loaded, shipped to our plant, thoroughly inspected, repaired or rebuilt as needed, and then photographed and documented for inclusion on our web site. Recently acquired canning machinery is stored at our Carrollton Ohio facilities, either indoors or under cover. We have more than four acres of storage, and have collected large variety of excellent used canning equipment, by the most trusted manufacturers.

This excellent used canning equipment can be rebuilt to your specifications.
Customers find that most of the used canning equipment in our inventory are set up perfectly for their application, but other machines may require some minor modifications. Our very skilled technical staff, combined with our on-site machine shop and diagnostic equipment allows us to make modifications to packaging equipment of any kind. Furthermore, If a machine is not acceptably reliable, it will be completely overhauled with new bearings, wiring, photo eyes, switches, and everything else including paint to make them dependable and attractive. It can be difficult to tell the difference between some of our overhauled used canning machines from new equipment! We are able to keep our prices down by selecting used canning equipment in good working order. This is why we examine equipment with care before we trade or purchase it. We are certain that our used canning equipment will meet our standards, because we want it to perform beyond your expectations!

Do you require specialized technical changes on used canning equipment?
We can help! Unacceptable installation delays can be caused by difficult containers. Canning equipment that is improperly suited for oddly shaped or oversized cans could delay the installation or expansion of a line beyond acceptable deadlines. Creative Trading Inc. has partnerships with some of the most talented canning equipment engineers in the world, many of whom are pioneers in the field. When necessary, experts like these assist will us in refitting our used canning equipment with the latest mechanical and electronic innovations for container handling, enhancing conditions for the best possible operation. Using the latest technologies in canning machinery allows us to handle difficult containers that cause trouble in conventional equipment. Other times, when the installation rather than the container is a problem, we can find ways to restructure canning line layouts, improving the way space is used in rooms thought to be too small for larger, faster machines, expanded accumulation, or other production efficiency improvements. Many customers who purchased used canning equipment from us found it difficult to fit it into their existing setup. We assisted them by examining their requirements and existing facility, and worked with them to find solutions requiring the fewest changes, helping them to cut their installation time while improving their canning line efficiency.

Parts for used canning equipment.
Creative Trading Inc. travels to auctions and makes trades year round to get the best used canning equipment we can find. At times we will win bids or trade on lots that contain large quantities of spare parts, changeover parts, seaming heads, 3 phase motors, gearboxes, electrical - you name it! We use what we need for overhaul or repair of our used canning equipment, but in time these spare parts accumulate. We post surplus parts occasionally, so you should visit our web site regularly. You never know what you will find! If you have spare parts, change parts, packing heads, or other components that you want to dispose of, just contact us with your descriptions, or email us at: sales@creative-trading.com.

Are you starting a new production line?

Visit our production line information pages.

If your plant is expanding into unfamiliar production techniques, or if you are new to canning production and canning/canning equipment  these pages will assist you to select the best used canning machinery or other used packaging equipment for your application. These pages include material that will inform you about the basics of production line assembly and layout, canning equipment sizing, and cover the various types of packaging machinery necessary to construct your line. Also covered are details specific to bottling machinery, canning machinery, wrapping equipment, conveyor, case and pallet handling, dry storage, liquid storage, pumps, and other product delivery systems.


These links lead to our extensive inventory of used canning equipment. If you don't see what you need, call or email us:

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