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HM - 1 Nordson Time Interval Control
Model CT 7  -   Part # 295028E
S/N AA90G05557 
Input 120vac   Output 24vdc
HM - 2

 Nordson Glue Hopper
Syntron Vibratory Equipment
3' X 2' Base  5' tall

HM - 3

Nordson Hot Melt
Unit # 3700 - 1AB32  S/N AA93A61208
1 Hose w/nozzel

HM - 4

Dynatec Hot melt Glue Pots
2 available
240v 3900w
2 hose units

HM - 5 Nordson Hot Melt
Model 3500 - 
240volt  -  25amp
6 Available

HM - 7 MELT/ON USA Hot Melt
PC 400

HM - 8 MELT/ON USA Hot Melt
PC 800

HM - 9 Nordson Hot Melt
Model 3700 - 1FB34/D
S/N ES98C01019
200-240volt  -  23amp

HM - 10  Nordson Standby Power Controller
Input  230vac - Output  230vac
Part # 805157 - S/N AE87AO1714

HM - 11  Nordson Hot Melt
 Unit 3100 - 1LJ32
200-240volt  19amp
6 Available

HM - 12  Nordson Hot Melt
Unit 3500 - 1BB36  S/N AA93A61200

HM - 13 Nordson  Hot Melt 
Model 2204  Part #  275013

HM - 14 Nordson Hoses

Creative Trading is committed to providing the best in used equipment for the packaging industry. We offer the top names in used bottling and canning machinery, and we keep a large selection of container handling equipment as well. We are constantly on the move to locate and purchase the best used packaging equipment that we can find. Our inventory includes complete lines of bottled water filling equipment, used industrial air compressors, thousands of feet of conveyor for cans, bottles, cases and pallets, depalletizing and palletizing machines, filtering and purification equipment, electrical panels and controls, top names in labeling machinery, case packing and sealing machines, tanks and storage, and just about anything related to bottling, canning and packaging.  This page contains links to our selection of used industrial hot melt glue systems. These machines are usually purchased from large companies with rigorous maintenance schedules, so you can be sure that they were well cared for. All of our used hot melt glue systems are removed from working installations; you can depend on them!

Are you buying or selling used hot melt glue systems?

Contact us if you need used hot melt glue systems. We have tremendous inventory of used packaging equipment of all types, from most manufacturers for every application.

Contact us if you have used hot melt glue systems for sale. You never know when we may need something to complete a packaging line project or fill an order.

We are now accepting your listings to add to our site. We are becoming one of the top performers in search engine listings for used packaging equipment, and we will soon launch a much larger site that will be enhanced for searching the worldwide packaging equipment market, allowing buyers and sellers of used bottling, canning and packaging machinery to connect with each other quickly and easily. If you have used hot melt glue systems for sale or trade, contact us right away!